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    SparkyLinux 4.2“Tyche”发布

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    SparkyLinux 4.2“Tyche”发布,Sparky 4 基于和完全兼容 Debian testing “Stretch”。

    这是 SparkyLinux 4.x 的 Live/Install iso 镜像第二次更新,主要改进:

    – full system upgrade from Debian testing repository as of December 15, 2015
    – Linux kernel 4.2.0 (4.2.6)
    – Enlightenment 0.20.0 (0.20.1 is available in our repos)
    – KDE Plasma 5.4.3
    – LXDE 0.99.0-2
    – LXQt 0.10.0-2
    – MATE 1.10.2
    – Openbox 3.6.1-2
    – Xfce 4.12.2
    – Iceweasel 38.2.1esr
    – Icedove 38.4
    – LibreOffice 5.0.4 rc1
    – Wine 1.8 rc3
    – removed KDE/KWin based packages, the system uses Openbox window manager only and applications based on Qt and GTK libs (LXQt edition)
    – a small issue which did not let loading the default Sparky wallpaper has been fixed (KDE 64 bit edition)
    – the live-installer supports auto login via SDDM in the target system (KDE edition)
    – due to removing a dependency from Debian testing repository for ‘mintstick’ tool, it has been replaced by Sparky USB Live Creator, which is a GUI front-end to ‘dd’, and another (new) tool Sparky USB Formatter
    – ‘boot-repair’ tool has been removed from iso images, but it is still available in the Sparky repository and on the iso images of the Sparky Rescue Edition
    – ‘xfce4-mixer plugin’ has been replaced by ‘pulseaudio-plugin’ (Xfce edition)
    – general cleaning and removing obsolete packages
    – localizationing Sparky tools
    – TOR Messenger – a multi messenger (IM), which uses the TOR network as default, is available in Sparky repository now
    – removed all old Sparky wallpapers from the live iso images, and the default wallpapers has been slightly modified, depends of a Sparky edition
    – added small application called “Sparky First Run”
    – added ‘menulibre’ package (Xfce edition)
    – added new tool ‘obmenu-generator’, which can generate a static or dynamic pipe menu and ‘xfdashboard’ tool (Openbox edition)

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo apt-get install -f


    Sparky Linux 是一个轻量级、快速简单的 Linux 分发版,主要设计用于在老的计算机上运行,使用 Enlightenment 和 LXDE 桌面环境。基于 Debian 构建。